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A Chat with Deanna Spingola (audio)

Scheduled to be a discussion of air photo evidence on the so-called Holocaust, Deanna Spingola had me talk about my own history of persecution first, the German legal framework of it next, then about the real reasons for the two world wars, and finally we actually got to talk a little about air photo evidence about Auschwitz.

Air Photo Evidence

John C. Ball’s seminal Air Photo Evidence (1992) struck a fatal blow to the orthodox Holocaust narrative by publishing and expertly analyzing numerous photos taken by Allied and German reconnaissance airplanes during the war over sites of alleged Nazi mass murders. Due to its massive size, it has never been posted online. Finally, here it is…

The Ball Report

John C. Ball’s The Ball Report, a 16 pp. summary of his research on air photo evidence for the Holocaust, plus the results of the chemical analysis of wall samples he took at Auschwitz, is difficult to find these days, so I’ve posted this brochure here.