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Widerstand ist Pflicht – Interview (German audio)

Interview mit Valentin Anker über die unrechtststaatlichen Verhältnisse in Deutschland und über die moralische Pflicht und das von der Verfassung verbriefte Recht zum Widerstand gegen den sich immer totalitärer gebärdenden “deutschen” Staat. Wehret den fortgeschrittenen Anfängen!

A Chat with Deanna Spingola (audio)

Scheduled to be a discussion of air photo evidence on the so-called Holocaust, Deanna Spingola had me talk about my own history of persecution first, the German legal framework of it next, then about the real reasons for the two world wars, and finally we actually got to talk a little about air photo evidence about Auschwitz.

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 2 (audio)

The current financial system, being at the verge of collapse, needs redesigning. In this radio show Germar Rudolf and David Duke discuss a few options to achieve this (60 min).

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 1 (audio)

The current financial system is the perfect rip-off system to constantly redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

The U.S. Education Disaster (audio)

School and college/university education in the U.S. are a disaster, making the U.S. depend on the import of foreign academics on an unprecedented scale. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

The Holocaust as a Religion (audio)

The Holocaust, the new secular religion enforced the world over, serving as the sword and shield of Jews in general and Israel in particular. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

The Heretics’ Hour: Interview by C. Yeager (audio)

Carolyn Yeager interviews me for two hours, asking me about Germany’s situation today, about National Socialism, Jewish power, free speech and its restrictions, and more.

Democracy Equals Hypocrisy (audio)

In this interview with David Duke we discuss the lack of free speech in Western societies, and the subversion of democracy by the Powers That Be. (1 hour)

When Speech Is Free, But Speakers Are in Prison (audio)

My first appearance at David Duke’s radio show is dedicated to free speech and its violation by Germany. David also has me retell my personal story of persecution (again…) (1 hour)