Signed Books

As of late, I have been receiving requests for signed copies of my book more frequently than in years before. This is flattering, and I am grateful for your interest.

Below is the list of the books that are available for signing. The links get you to the publishers’ sales web page with more information. I also added the current list price for them here. Getting a signed copy from me means to cover at least that price, plus some donation on top of it to compensate me for my efforts (handling, packaging, postage), and for whatever this signing is worth in your eyes. It’s up to you to suggest what this is worth to you. I’m all ears…

So, if you would like to obtain any or all of them signed by me, please do not hesitate to contact me by dropping me a line and tell me which books (and how many of each) you’d like to have. Then we can arrange for the payment (using the various means listed here).

Thanks a lot for your kind consideration!


Resistance is Obligatory, 2nd ed., 2016, 378 pp. 6″x9″ (£18/€22/$25)
Hunting Germar Rudolf, 2016, 304 pp. 6″x9″ (£16/€19/$20)
The Chemistry of Auschwitz (full color print), 3rd ed. of the Rudolf Report, early 2017, ca. 430 pp. 6″x9″ (£60/€70/$80)
Auschwitz Lies (with C. Mattogno), 3rd ed., 2016, 406 pp. 6″x9″ (£19/€23.-/$25)
Fail: Denying the Holocaust, 2016, 224 pp. 5″x8″ (£12/€14/$16)
Dissecting the Holocaust, 2nd ed., 2003, 616 pp. 6″x9″ (£20/€26/$30)
Lectures on the Holocaust, 3rd ed., early 2017, ca. 550 pp. 6″x9″ (£25/€30/$35)
Auschwitz: Plain Facts (with S. Thion, R. Faurisson and C. Mattogno), 2nd ed., 2016, 226 pp. 6″x9″ (£17/€18.50/$20)
The Leuchter Reports (with F. Leuchter and R. Faurisson), 4th ed., 2015, 252 pp. 6″x9″ (£15/€18/$20)


Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker, 2nd ed., 2012, 445 pp. A5 (£20/€30/$30)
Widerstand ist Pflicht, 2nd ed., 2016, 376 pp. 6″x9″ (£18/€22.-/$25)
Die Chemie von Auschwitz (full color print), 3rd ed. of the Rudolf-Gutachten, early 2017, ca. 430 pp. 6″x9″ (£50/€70/$80)
Auschwitz-Lügen, 3rd ed., 2016, 404 pp. 6″x9″ (£20/€23.-/$25)
Vorlesungen zum Holocaust, 4th ed., early 2017, ca. 600 pp. 6″x9″ (£25/€30/$35)
Auschwitz: Nackte Fakten (with S. Thion, R. Faurisson and C. Mattogno), 2nd ed., 2016, 250 pp. 6″x9″ (£14/€18/$20)
Die Leuchter-Gutachten (with F. Leuchter and R. Faurisson), 2014, 302 pp. A5 (£20/€25/$30)