Testament Issues

It may seem odd to even talk about this here so openly, but there are apparently a few individuals who have the generosity to include me in their Last Will. This has happened once before, but not with the desired effect. Fact is that in many countries stipulations made in a testament can be challenged by relatives of the deceased, if the purpose of the bequest is considered immoral or illegal.

It is no secret that many of my past and even present activities and public statements are illegal in many countries of the world, and considered immoral in many more.

As a result, it happened that the funds dedicated to me by a former benefactor in his Last Will merely resulted in legal expenses, as his testament was successfully challenged by his family. The basis for this was that this late benefactor had mentioned in his Will what he hoped I would do with the money. This being illegal and immoral in his country of citizenship led to the court’s decision that the executor of his Last Will is actually prohibited from giving me the funds my late benefactor wanted me to have.

To cut a long story short: If you consider including me in your Last Will, please do NOT mention anything in it about my past or present activities, actual or alleged opinions, why you want me to receive something or what you want me to do with the bequest. Simply identify me as the person who is supposed to receive what you want me to receive. If you need more than just my name (which is unique already) and my address as published here, please contact me so I can assist.

Permit me already now to express my sincere gratitude for your benevolent considerations and for understanding that I prefer not being bequeathed into financial ruin.