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Foreword to Air-Photo Evidence

John C. Ball’s seminal Air Photo Evidence (1992) struck a fatal blow to the orthodox Holocaust narrative by publishing and expertly analyzing numerous photos taken by Allied and German reconnaissance airplanes during the war over sites of alleged Nazi mass murders. Due to its massive size, it has never been posted online. Finally, here it is…

Lecture on Civil Rights and Robert J. van Pelt (video)

These five clips show me during my presentation at the 13th IHR Conference in Irvine, CA, in the Spring of 2000. I am talking mainly about the deterioration of civil rights in Germany as well as about some of the main arguments presented by Jewish professor for cultural history Dr. Robert J. van Pelt in …

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Professor Hot-Air-Nozzle

How does an established German university professor justify the establishment’s complete refusal to enter into discussion with revisionists, when he ought to defend the ideals of the enlightenment, that is to say, a doubting and critical attitude? Prof. Eßbach of Freiburg university demonstrates it: you distort the facts, lie about the opponent, et voilà, you have a compelling reason…

The Ball Report

John C. Ball’s The Ball Report, a 16 pp. summary of his research on air photo evidence for the Holocaust, plus the results of the chemical analysis of wall samples he took at Auschwitz, is difficult to find these days, so I’ve posted this brochure here.