December 30, 2005

I have to apologize to David Irving for my sweeping disqualification of his work and his person in that letter. David is a great historian in many regards, even if the Holocaust isn’t part of his expertise.

30 December 2005

Dear Fredrick:

Your letter of December 14 arrived here today. On December 1, the Mannheim Court took over censoring, hence the long posting times.

1. Re my other letters: If I do not expressly say so, you can publish it.

2. Thanks (remitting stamps).

3. This must be published: Once and for all – David Irving is a disgrace for historians and revisionists alike. He does not know what he is talking about. The well-known Höfle report on the deportation figures through the Aktion Reinhardt camps was discussed in Mattogno’s book on Belzec [obtainable through] where it is reproduced in the document appendix. Nothing in it indicates that the numbers mentioned in it are numbers of killed inmates.

If Robert Jan van Pelt claims otherwise, as the media reported, it proves once more that van Pelt is a liar. He is correct, though, that the Höfle report figures are congruent with the figures mentioned by Korherr, but Korherr expressly wrote about “deported to the east,” not killed, and he also separated these from Jews under “special treatment,” so if special treatment was death, “deported to the east” was not special treatment, hence, not death – of course, special treatment was not necessarily actual death.

As to Aumeier, I have analyzed his statement in my review of the Maser book as published in “The Revisionist” 4/2004, I think, and Carlo has added some more points to his book on “The Bunkers of Auschwitz,” clearly stating that Aumeier made his absurd, anachronistic statements under duress and [that they] are therefore worthless as evidence.

David Irving never reads the books of other authors, and most certainly not those of revisionists, as he despises revisionist scholars.

He himself told me the fact of his never reading revisionist books. Hence he is an ignorant fool and he should be treated as such.

4. “Aderlaß”: Get in touch with Michael and Perry. They have orders to publish it in T&DP. If not, they have it now. I had an agreement with Claus. It’s his donation.

5. Who is Müller? Rabied dogs get shot.

6. You need to exercise and breathe fresh air while doing so! Strengthens your lungs!

7. Food is plenty and good since I can now buy supplements, like milk and Müeslie.

8. I am both in Straf- and in U-Haft – on remand and sentenced – and receive all disadvantages of both together. Therefore: phone prohibition and long-lasting mail censorsphip.

9. No problem, but no revolt triggered yet either. Working on it, though.

10. to 13. no comment. I am isolated, so don’t expect me to comment on political bullshit going on in the world, nor on trials happening in Caparthia – Kaparten.

So far to your points. I leave 9 obscure. I do not really need anything right now. If you can, work on Aderlaß – wasn’t Damon working on it? – or Bellinger, on all other projects. That would be fine. Back to work! I’ll get a typewriter soon, so my next letter will be legible, odds are …

Alright, I leave it at that.

Have you been in touch with Marc Lemire and Bradley Smith at all? Is something moving there? Better act on it than waste your time to answer me on it.

See you in a couple of years …

Germar Rudolf