Germar’s Persecution

Once upon a time, I was the victim of government persecution. So what? No big deal…

Or maybe it is. This is not for me to decide. You are the judge here. I just present the evidence and my interpretation of it. After all, everybody can claim to have been persecuted. I’m not a Michael Kohlhass, a guy who runs screaming “bloody murder” as soon as someone steps on his toe. Also, I hope that the phase of my life bringing me into conflict with government authorities is over for good, so I can quite dwelling on that unpleasant era.

This section of my website contains a number of articles about my experiences after I started developing and voicing controversial opinions about “the Holocaust.” These essays have been written over the years and at times have been revised where necessary.

The first essay was written by a U.S. lawyer and sums up my case. The second, much longer paper, “Fair Game,” delves deeper into the entire history of my persecution, which I hope is history, indeed. The next paper, “Auschwitz Forensics,” gives an introduction into the underlying (over overarching) topic – “Holocaust forensics,” if you wish.

The subsequent entries, starting with “What Made Me a Revisionist?,” go through my unpleasant experiences with some of my fellow humans chronologically, but as you will find out, these essay are also full of encounters with a lot of wonderful people who helped my selflessly – my true friends.

This section is wrapped up with a page listing and linking to a plethora of documents on my persecution.

A Lawyer’s Introduction to the Rudolf Case

This brief essay, written by a U.S. lawyer, gives a brief overview of my persecution. This is the perfect starter for those who want it all in a nutshell.

Auschwitz Forensics

Doing forensic research on crime scenes of the so-called Holocaust is nothing new. This paper addresses two questions: Should the alleged monstrous crime claimed to have been committed in Auschwitz be subject to careful scrutiny by means of thorough forensic analysis? What forensic examinations of the purported crimes scenes at Auschwitz have been conducted thus far, and with what findings? How are we to assess the results?

Fair Game – Hunting Germar Rudolf

This paper stretches the whole time span and many aspects of my persecution. It is a well-documented history of my social and legal persecution from the early denunciations and legal prosecutions to the destruction of my career, my social environment, and finally my first family. It continues with my flight abroad, the man hunt against me there, my doomed attempt to get political asylum in the U.S., my repeated prosecution in Germany resulting in 44 months of imprisonment, and at long last my delayed success in 2011 to get an immigrant visa to the U.S.

What Made Me a Revisionist?

This essay describes the events that made me doubt the official version of the Holocaust. It describes how I ended up writing a forensic expert report, and it also tries to explain what motivated me to do it, although I knew that I was in for a lot of trouble for doing it.

Remer’s Hotheaded Additions

When my expert report was first distributed in April 1993, the publisher decided to add a foreword and epilogue to my text without informing me. Here are these fateful additions.

The Empire Strikes Back

This is the essay that describes how the forces of persecution were unleashed against me. It describes the beginning of an ordeal that many people ignorant of the truth think I deserved, but those who know what has happened are truly shocked and appalled. Discover for yourself what a society can do to a scientist who merely tries to get the facts straight and out into the open.

Flaws of a State under the Rule of Law

This essay reveals stunning formal shortcomings of the German legal system as experienced by me in my first trial in 1994/95. These legal deficiencies allow the staging of show trials which are massively distorted by political agendas. Such distortions are impossible or at least much less likely in the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. This is an important paper, as it enables the reader to judge the reliability of German court verdicts in politically influenced trials.

Fleeing From England

“Hunting Germar Rudolf” could also be the title of this paper, because that’s what was going on back in 1999, when the British media unleashed a manhunt for me. I wrote this essay shortly before applying for political asylum in the U.S. One of the questions I had to answer when filing the application was something like “Describe exactly how you came into this country.” Well, that’s what I did. It ended up being a 20 some odd pages essay, which my lawyer said I shouldn’t file. I ended up filing a 15 lines short version of this story instead.

Asking for Asylum

Here is the inside story of my 6-year lasting path through the obstacle course which the U.S. legal system has put up to separate the chaff from the wheat when it comes to asylum seekers. There is not much drama in this story spanning from 2000 to 2006, except maybe when I was arrested and deported in 2005. But the hostile partisan attitude of the U.S. officials involved – both prosecutors and judges – is quite revealing.

The Trap Snaps Shut

This is a brief essay about the sudden showdown of my first extended presence in the U.S. First everything looks bright, but suddenly all hell breaks loose and has me end up in a dungeon for years to come…

Letters from the Dungeon

During the years of my incarceration in Germany between 2005 and 2009 I’ve written many letters to supporters, some of which with the explicit intent to have them published on the internet. A few of them I have managed to recover from there, and some of them might be of interest to the public, so …

Scientists Don’t Get Political Asylum

[:en]This essay gives a summary of the legal issues involved in my attempts at gaining permanent legal residence in the U.S., primarily by means of applying for political asylum. It exposes a fundamentally flawed legal system which cherry-picks the kind of peaceful dissidents they appreciate, but dumps all the rest whose views the Powers That Be detest. Hence, at the end of my initial efforts to escape German persecution, I was not only denied a safe haven in the U.S., but rather handcuffed and deported back to Germany where it all had started. But that wasn’t the end…

Resistance Is Obligatory

What exactly happened once Germar had been deported to Germany in 2005? There he faced criminal charges for his publishing activities abroad, although these activities had been perfectly legal there. How did he defend himself in court? Well, he fought like you would expect a courageous scholar to fight: He stood by his views, denied the German court any right to meddle into scientific affairs, and appealed to every fellow human to resist the oppressors! Here is a summary of his defense speech.

Documents on Persecution

[:en]This is a list of documents in relation to my persecution by the German authorities, most of which were introduced or produced during my asylum case in the U.S.