What is persectution? And how is it set apart from prosecution?

Strictly speaking, prosecution is done by a legitimate government based on legally enacted laws abiding by international standards of civil rights, and with a procedure in keeping with the standards of a system ruled by such laws. Or in plain English: being sentenced by a constitutionally set up court of law using standard penal laws and procedures isn’t illegitimate persecution. It is legitimate prosecution.

Prosecution turns into persecution, if any of the above factors is missing. For instance, when your rights are infringed upon by a non-governmental organization; or when the laws used or the procedure followed violate international civil rights standards.

This section of my website has two subsection: One dealing with what I claim is the history and background of my persecution, the other with general aspects of civil rights and the violation of them by allegedly legitimate governments.

Germar’s Persecution

This section contains a number of articles about my experiences as a “hunted scientist” (in contrast to a haunted scientist…). Just kidding. They have been written over the years and at times revised where necessary.

On Civil Rights – or the Lack Thereof

This section of my website features general essay on civil rights – or rather the lack thereof.