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If you think that the persecution I have suffered is unfair, unjust, outrageous, and/or simply wrong, you might want to help me overcome the damage it has done in the lives of my loved ones and my own life. Here are various ways how you can help. If you do, you will have my sincere gratitude.

In case you even consider including me in your Last Will, please be so kind and read these remarks before doing so, as certain ways of phrasing a Will can turn toxic for me.

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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Unless you already have a BitCoin Wallet, this may not be an option for you. But you may want to learn about this currency circumventing the banksters:

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Germar Rudolf
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(40-20-05; 712 999 48)
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94 Terminus Road
Eastbourne BN21 3ND
Great Britain
* IBAN = International Bank Account Number
° BIC = Branch Identification Code = Swift
§ IRC = International Routing Number (required by some U.S. banks and others)

Note: Acc. to European law, electronic bank transfers of EURO amounts to banks in any member country of the European Union have to be made at the identical conditions as domestic electronic bank transfers. So if domestic bank transfers are free of charge in your own country, they also have to be free of charge when made to an account in the UK (using so-called SEPA transfers). This applies even though the UK is not part of the EURO zone, as long as the transfered amount is in EURO. Incoming EURO transfers will be exchanged to British Pounds on arrival automatically with no fees and at an excellent rate. So if you have a bank account in a EU country, take advantage of this law for EURO transfers to this British bank account by using standard EURO transfer forms offered by your European bank (they usually look a little different than domestic transfer forms).

Cash, Checks, Money Orders

Cash: Germar Rudolf accepts all currencies, but prefers EUR, GBP, and USD. Please send bigger amounts of cash by registered mail only to the address given below.

Checks & Money Orders: Having bank account both in the UK and the U.S., Germar can accept checks and money orders drawn on banks from both countries.

Since Germar has no bank account in Germany or any other country of the Euro zone, Euro checks can be deposited only with hefty fees (ca. €20.- per check).

For privacy reasons, the street address of Rudolf’s family in the U.S. will not be given here.

Germar Rudolf,
PO Box 121
Red Lion, PA 17356