Letter by Central Council of Jews in Germany to the Max Planck Society

When my Expert Report on Auschwitz received public attention in early 1993, the Jewish lobby in Germany demanded from my then employer, the Max Planck Society, to take “appropriate measures” in order “to prevent” my activities as an expert witness. Here is that letter. It was introduced by the Max Planck Society during my litigation against them as evidence that I am unconscionable as an employee.

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To the President of the Max Planck Society
for the Advancement of Science, Inc.
Prof. Hanns F. Zacher
Hofgartenstr. 2
8000 München 2

22nd June 1993

Esteemed Prof. Zacher!

The Chairman of the Board of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, in a telephone conversation on 16 April 1993 communicated to you his concern over the effect of the “Expert Report …” of Diplom Chemist Germar Rudolf.

The Administrative Council of the Central Council has thoroughly discussed the documentation and the effect of the expert report. It shares the concerns of the Chairman that this “expert report” could all too easily be used as a pseudo-scientific proof for denial of the mass murder of Jews. This has happened – as is known – through the efforts of O. E. Remer.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany expects from you, esteemed Prof. Zacher, that appropriate measures will be taken by the Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute to prevent any further activities of the expert witness.

The press declaration of the Public Relations Office of the Max Planck Society on 21.04.1993 is very detailed, but it does not prevent any further activity by Diplom Chemist G. Rudolf.

With friendly greetings,

/s/ Heinz Jaeckel

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