Autobiographical Essays

Except for the last two (“The Trap Snaps Shut” and “Resistance is Obligatory”), the essays listed here were written between 2001 and 2003. Looking at those old articles today makes me cringe at times, but I resisted the urge to edit them. They were written at a time when I was feeling lost and lonely, out in the wilderness with nowhere to go, and I had a lot of doubts about myself and fears about my future. So maybe they were also an attempt at self-reassurance. Hence I leave them as they are.

“Resistance is Obligatory” was written in early 2012, based on my defense speech during my trial in Germany in 2006/2007. It is also a summary of my book with the same title which was published in April 2012.

Two Boys

This is an essay about my father and me. Some say that, in order to judge a man, you need to know what relationship he has (or had) with his father. I do not entirely agree with that, but I admit freely that my past relationship with my father has something to do with my involvement in revisionism.

Two Girls

In this essay my sister and my mother play the main roles. My relationship to bot was and still is very defining for me.

Two Brothers

This essay is about my baby brother and me.

I want to know!

An insatiable curiosity, the will to know and to find out, is what has always driven me. This essay looks into this character feature of mine starting from when I was a little boy.

Stirring Up a Stink

This essay follows my first steps into political territory as a student, always eager to ignore political correctness, or better still: to go right on a collision course with it, just for the heck of it. It’s my rebellious streak starting to shine brightly.

Read and Remember

This essay traces the events that got me started: to think the impossible, to challenge the taboo – first of all the one in my own head.

Changing the World—His own World

This essay follows my steps from first learning about revisionism to getting actively involved by accepting to prepare a chemical expert report for a court case. It’s a gathering storm…

The Empire Strikes Back

This is the essay that describes how the forces of persecution were unleashed against me. It describes the beginning of an ordeal that many people ignorant of the truth think I deserved, but those who know what has happened are truly shocked and appalled. Discover for yourself what a society can do to a scientist who merely tries to get the facts straight and out into the open.

Fleeing From England

“Hunting Germar Rudolf” could also be the title of this paper, because that’s what was going on back in 1999, when the British media unleashed a manhunt for me. I wrote this essay shortly before applying for political asylum in the U.S. One of the questions I had to answer when filing the application was something like “Describe exactly how you came into this country.” Well, that’s what I did. It ended up being a 20 some odd pages essay, which my lawyer said I shouldn’t file. I ended up filing a 15 line short version of this story instead.

Asking for Asylum

Here is the inside story of my 6-year lasting path through the obstacle course which the U.S. legal system has put up to separate the chaff from the wheat when it comes to asylum seekers. There is not much drama in this story spanning from 2000 to 2006, except maybe when I was arrested and deported in 2005. But the hostile partisan attitude of the U.S. officials involved – both prosecutors and judges – is quite revealing.

The Trap Snaps Shut

This is a brief essay about the sudden showdown of my first extended presence in the U.S. First everything looks bright, but suddenly all hell breaks loose and has me end up in a dungeon for years to come…

Resistance Is Obligatory

What exactly happened once Germar had been deported to Germany in 2005? There he faced criminal charges for his publishing activities abroad, although these activities had been perfectly legal there. How did he defend himself in court? Well, he fought like you would expect a courageous scholar to fight: He stood by his views, denied the German court any right to meddle into scientific affairs, and appealed to every fellow human to resist the oppressors! Here is a summary of his defense speech.