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Lipstadt’s Motivations and “ad Hominem” Attacks


This article originally appeared as Chapter 3 of my recent book, Fail “Denying the Holocaust” How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. The book may be purchased through


Benjamin Schager – Master of Mental Diarrhea

Pseudo-Science is hopefully the exception at the University of Vienna, Austria, but here I have found an example which is a paragon of it. The evil about it is that dissidents are disparaged under the mendacious guise of science. The author Benjamin Schager is thus a desk criminal who justifies the societal and penal persecution of peaceful dissidents – whether deliberately or by gross negligence may remain open…

Professor Hot-Air-Nozzle

How does an established German university professor justify the establishment’s complete refusal to enter into discussion with revisionists, when he ought to defend the ideals of the enlightenment, that is to say, a doubting and critical attitude? Prof. Eßbach of Freiburg university demonstrates it: you distort the facts, lie about the opponent, et voilà, you have a compelling reason…