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On the Mistakes of Adolf Hitler

In early July 2017, Jim Rizoli and Diane King interviewed me, but they cut out a 20-minute section where I touched briefly upon the mistakes of Adolf Hitler. I wasn’t happy about that censorship, so my next interview partner, Brian Ruhe, a confessing National Socialist, got to feel the heat of my wrath in an …

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Ernst Nolte to Germar Rudolf

A few months after my release from prison, I received the following letter from Prof. em. Dr. Ernst Nolte, dated 17 January 2010: Dear Mr. Rudolf, I gratefully confirm receipt of your circular letter of 16 December and wish you luck for the new chapter of your life which now lies ahead of you and which will presumably be “Anglo-Saxon.” …

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Tell the Truth – and Shame the Devil!

This is my preface to the 2nd edition of the book Holocaust Revisionism: A Critical Scholarly-Historical Method (Holocaust-Revisionismus: Eine kritische geschichtswissenschaftliche Methode), which appeared in January 2016. It makes clear why revisionism is essential for the survival of Germany.

The Heretics’ Hour: Interview by C. Yeager (audio)

Carolyn Yeager interviews me for two hours, asking me about Germany’s situation today, about National Socialism, Jewish power, free speech and its restrictions, and more.

From Revisionist to Terrorist

The authorities in Germany have started hunting revisionists with the lie that revisionists are actually right-wing extremist terrorists in disguise.

Germany’s Pirates Party is illegal

The German “Pirates” have voted: dissident scholarly statements about aspects of the Third Reich should remain illegal. Hence that party has catapulted itself out of the roster of parties in compliance with human rights.

Ahoi, Piraten-Partei!

“The Pirates” are a fledgling German party ruffling the feathers of the establishment. Bodo Thiesen, once a functionary of the party, made the “mistake” in 2008 to send an email to a party mailing list in which he commented positively about “Germar Rudolf’s book.” As a result he is now only a simple member, stripped of his posts…

Günter Grass, Elie Wiesel, Carolyn Yeager, and I

Günter Grass doesn’t like Israel’s politics, Elie Wiesel doesn’t like any critic of Israel, Carolyn Yeager doesn’t like Elie, and somehow I got tangled up in all this. This is only about my attitude toward Jews, not any of the rest of the issues and persons mentioned here.