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Germar Rudolf Interviewed by Jim Rizoli (video)

In early July 2017, Jim Rizoli and Diane King once more visited me at my home and interviewed me again. You can access this video of almost two hours on YouTube here: GBDv__yBYJ0 or simply watch it right here:

Hunting Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf: Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker

[Falls Sie das Buch Kardinalfragen suchen, bitte auf die deutsche Flagge rechts klicken] While preparing the new edition of my expert report, due to be released in early 2017, I realized that I can no longer include the autobiographical essays which were included in earlier edition, simply because the book would become too thick, and …

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Lipstadt’s Motivations and “ad Hominem” Attacks


This article originally appeared as Chapter 3 of my recent book, Fail “Denying the Holocaust” How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. The book may be purchased through


Ernst Nolte to Germar Rudolf

A few months after my release from prison, I received the following letter from Prof. em. Dr. Ernst Nolte, dated 17 January 2010: Dear Mr. Rudolf, I gratefully confirm receipt of your circular letter of 16 December and wish you luck for the new chapter of your life which now lies ahead of you and which will presumably be “Anglo-Saxon.” …

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Lecture on Civil Rights and Robert J. van Pelt (video)

These five clips show me during my presentation at the 13th IHR Conference in Irvine, CA, in the Spring of 2000. I am talking mainly about the deterioration of civil rights in Germany as well as about some of the main arguments presented by Jewish professor for cultural history Dr. Robert J. van Pelt in …

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The Great Taboo (video)

This video tells the story of three men: U.S. citizen Bradley R. Smith, who lobbies for free speech on the Holocaust, and the two German citizens Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, who got into deep trouble for exercising their right to free speech on the Holocaust. The video was produced by Bradley Smith (officially) and …

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Germar Rudolf Interviewed by Jim Rizoli (video)

On Friday November 8, 2015, Jim Rizoli and Diane King visited me at my home and interviewed me for Jim’s series “League of Extraordinary Revisionists.” You can access this video of almost two hours on YouTube here: or simply watch it right here:

“Resistance Is Obligatory” online

My latest book Resistance Is Obligatory is finally available as a PDF file for free download. Wide dissemination is appreciated!

A Chat with Deanna Spingola (audio)

Scheduled to be a discussion of air photo evidence on the so-called Holocaust, Deanna Spingola had me talk about my own history of persecution first, the German legal framework of it next, then about the real reasons for the two world wars, and finally we actually got to talk a little about air photo evidence about Auschwitz.

On Spreading Hate

“Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania” – that’s what Aryeh Tuchman claims, without indicating what of my writings constitutes hate. Here I argue that “common parlance,” used by Tuchman as an excuse for his inaccuracies, that is: parroting what “the others” are saying, is one of the main causes of the persecution of minorities and dissidents.