Category: Finance

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 2 (audio)

The current financial system, being at the verge of collapse, needs redesigning. In this radio show Germar Rudolf and David Duke discuss a few options to achieve this (60 min).

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 1 (audio)

The current financial system is the perfect rip-off system to constantly redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

The Money Syndrome

The current financial system is the enemy of mankind. Worse still: it is the enemy of life on this planet. The reason: By definition it operates with positive interest rates only. As a result, the system is condemned to have steady growth, or else debt spirals out of control. But in a limited system, nothing can grow infinitely. Unchecked growth is cancerous, and creatures with cancer must die. So must this system.