April 2019 archive

Foreword to B. Kulaszka’s “The Second Zündel Trial”

Barbara Kulaszka’s 1992 book “‘Did Six Million Really Die?’ Report of the Evidence in the Canadian ‘False
News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988” has been out of print for decades. In 2017, Jeff Bezos decided to ban its sale from his Amazon websites (although there was nothing to sell anymore anyway). So I decided to put it back in print. Lest censorship will prevail! Here is my foreword to that new edition.

Foreword to S. Werner’s “The Second Babylonian Captivity”

According to orthodox historiography, which is prescribed by penal law in many European countries, about three million European Jews were murdered in homicidal gas chambers between December 1941 and the autumn of 1944. These chambers are said to have been erected in six camps in Poland, in the combined “concentration and extermination camps” Auschwitz-Birkenau and …

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