Hunting Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf: 'Hunting Germar Rudolf: Essays on a Modern-Day Witch Hunt'

Germar Rudolf: “Hunting Germar Rudolf: Essays on a Modern-Day Witch Hunt,“ Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield 2016. Available as paperback or Kindle eBook here.

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While preparing the new edition of my expert report, due to be released in early 2017, I realized that I can no longer include the autobiographical essays which were included in earlier edition, simply because the book would become too thick, and also because the new edition will be printed in full color, which makes it rather expensive to produce. I therefore decided to issue my essays about my life in a separate book. Because all of the material has been published before, most of it also on this very website, I have decided to post the entire book here as a free PDF download. I may appeal to all those who take advantage of this offer, however, to seriously consider reimbursing me for this somehow, for instance by making a donation – if not right now while downloading, then at least after having read it, if you liked the book.

Thanks a lot for your interest. I am looking forward to any feedback!

By the way: the printed edition of this book can be bought from Castle Hill Publishers in the UK (£16 + s&h). There you can also find an option to search for online retailers in any country of the world that carry this book.

Download it free of charge here: Germar Rudolf, Hunting Germar Rudolf (2016; PDF-Datei, 8.3 MB)

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