March 2016 archive

Ernst Nolte to Germar Rudolf

A few months after my release from prison, I received the following letter from Prof. em. Dr. Ernst Nolte, dated 17 January 2010: Dear Mr. Rudolf, I gratefully confirm receipt of your circular letter of 16 December and wish you luck for the new chapter of your life which now lies ahead of you and which will presumably be “Anglo-Saxon.” …

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Stäglich’s “Auschwitz”: Foreword to the 2015 Edition

Toward the end of the Second World War, Wilhelm Stäglich, at that time an officer in the German air force, was stationed in the industrial area of Upper Silesia. He was to help in the defense against Allied bombers who sought to destroy the last intact German industrial area. Stäglich was stationed near the Auschwitz …

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