The U.S. Education Disaster (audio)

Education in the U.S. is a mess. Teaching a nation’s future generation should be the most important task of a society, as this is the best place to invest into our country’s future. But education is not on top of the U.S. government’s budget. Rather it is war that gobbles up this country’s fortunes (the “Attack Department” and “Attack Industry,” as they should properly be called). Hence the U.S. mainly invests in destruction and mass murder instead of in building a better future.

In many European countries, college and university education is free or very cheap, because it is heavily government funded. Not so for the most part in the U.S. Here only the affluent can give their kids a good education – some exceptions notwithstanding.

School education in the U.S. is a similar disaster. Whereas many other industrialized countries offer a variety of public schools custom tailored to the students’ needs, the U.S. has only a one-pronged, on-size-fits-all public school system. Due to a Supreme Court decision in the 1960s, which ended race segregation, everybody in the U.S. is supposed to have the right to the same education. Unfortunately that is today wrongly interpreted as meaning that everyone has to get the same school education, no matter whether they are smart or dumb, lazy or diligent. In fact, instead of giving everybody the same education, everybody should get the education they need. That’s not the same thing.

Add to this that in many States schools are funded by property taxes. This means that only those areas where rich people live will have good, well-funded schools. Students of poor parents lose from the start.

Hence, the U.S. educational system is a plutocraticv system, where the rich make sure that their offspring remains rich and that the poor remain uneducated and thus poor.

This were the topics of a discussion between Dr. David Duke and Germar Rudolf. (24.4 MB)

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