The Holocaust as a Religion (audio)

Pope Benedikt at Auschwitz

A religion which demands reverence from all humanity, even from the Pope himself: The Holocaust. Here Pope Benedikt during a visit at Auschwitz, praying to the new super-GOD.

The Holocaust has been transmogrified into an ideology which bears all the elements of a religion, with its own God (the Jewish people as a collective Messiah), its Devil (Adolf the Unspeakable), its own high priests (orthodox Holocaust historians), its temples (Holocaust museums and memorials) with their Holy Relics (bits of Jewish hair, shoes, spectacles, luggage, etc.), its worldwide holiday as ordained by the U.N. (the “Day of Remembrance,” 27 January), its saints (the alleged victims of the concentration camps), its prophets (the eyewitnesses), its pilgrimages (to the former German concentration camps), its inquisition (the media, and in many countries even courts of law punishing heretics), and its believers (the innocent victims of Holocaust propaganda).

This new religion serves many Jews in general and the Apartheid State of Israel in particular as a sword and shield in their interactions with gentiles and foreign nations. To prevent a new “Holocaust,” Israel is allowed to commit any cruelty, wage any war, violate any international law it likes. They get away with (almost) anything. But this new superstition also serves many other nations as a bogeyman to make their own population accept wars. First they accuse a foreign leader of a Holocaust – committed or planned – then they start the war. Serbia, Iraq, Iran. It works shockingly well.

This was the conclusion of a fascinating discussion between Dr David Duke and famous free speech activist Germar Rudolf.

Don’t miss this incredible show! (60 min, 24.4 MB)

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