The Heretics’ Hour: Interview by C. Yeager (audio)

Carolyn Yeager is probably best known for her relentless critique of Holocaust icon Elie Wiesel on her webpage Elie Wiesel Cons the World. But she also has a regular internet radio show called “The Heretics’ Hour” (Mondays from 9 to 11 am EST), during which she addresses a broader variety of topics. The following interview with me was recorded on Sunday, 6 May 2012 (I couldn’t make it on Mondays, 9am). Here is how Carolyn inroduces my appearance to her audience on her website:

Carolyn Yeager’s special guest this week is Germar Rudolf, famous for his Holocaust Revisionist books and publishing business which drove the German authorities to prosecute and imprison him for almost three [recte: four] years. Germar is now living in the United States with his wife and daughter. His and other revisionist books and CD’s are available at Holocaust Handbooks at The Barnes Review. The discussion included:

  • Patriotism vs. Nationalism—Germar prefers to call himself a patriot;
  • Justice for Germany—still no peace treaty and the UN officially defines Germany as an enemy state of the entire world. Allied Powers may resume hostilities if Germany shows any sign of revanchism;
  • How and when Germar learned to doubt the Holocaust narrative;
  • How Germans lack self-confidence and tend to feel guilty for everything as a result of Allied propaganda;
  • Ethnic/cultural self-determination as the next necessary step in world justice;
  • Germar’s view of National Socialism and the Third Reich—shows similarities to Rome;
  • Hitler should have stepped down in 1938 and allowed “democracy” to return, says Germar;
  • Affirmative Action is the wrong way to go, unless it is applied equally;
  • Can terrorist laws enacted after 9/11 in both U.S. and Germany tighten the noose on revisionists?
  • Free speech is not the solution if our speech is not heard—what to do about Jewish media control.

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