The Ball Report

John C. Ball, 'The Ball Report'

John Clive Ball has a degree in geology and worked as a mineral exploration geologist, but it was a different kind of activity that made his name become well-known among revisionist circles. It was his 1992 study of air photos shot by Allied and German reconnaissance planes over sites of alleged German mass murders: Air Photo Evidence, a book of 120 page in letter size format (I’ve posted the current, expanded edition for free downloading, too: Due to this ground-breaking book, I invited him to contribute a paper to the anthology Dissecting the Holocaust (the 1994 German edition), and he gladly accepted (see his paper “Air Photo Evidence” on pages 269-282 of the 2003 English paperback edition of Dissecting). I met John after he had visited the former German Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in early 1993, where he had taken wall samples from the delousing chambers at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp as well as from a number of locations which are said to have been used as homicidal gas chambers. The analyses of these samples, which he published on pp. 10f. of his 1993 brochure titled The Ball Report (basically a brief summary of his above-mentioned 120pp. study), undergirded the results of my expert report and of the first Leuchter Report. Sometime after my arrest in the U.S. in 2005, John seems to have vanished from the face of the earth, probably because he got scared by the escalating persecution of revisionists. Since John’s writings, which he had published all by himself, are hard to find, I have decided to post them as PDF files for everyone to look at.

So here is his 16 pp. The Ball Report of 1993 (12 MB):

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