Ernst Nolte to Germar Rudolf

Prof. Nolte, 2010.01.17

A few months after my release from prison, I received the following letter from Prof. em. Dr. Ernst Nolte, dated 17 January 2010:

Dear Mr. Rudolf,

I gratefully confirm receipt of your circular letter of 16 December and wish you luck for the new chapter of your life which now lies ahead of you and which will presumably be “Anglo-Saxon.” You are now among the “convicts among the honorable men,” a phenomenon which was unknown in Germany before 1933 and which should be food for thought about the paradoxical ways of history.
I hope in any case that you will be able to report in a new circular letter in the not-too-distant future about the positive turn of your fortunes.

Cordially Yours

[signed Ernst Nolte]

Although he does not agree with us revisionists, Prof. Ernst Nolte nevertheless is one of the few orthodox historians who are treating revisionists like human beings and not like leprous scum, as the vast majority of orthodox historians did and is still doing. For this humaneness, honesty and intellectual open-mindedness he has paid dearly. I think very highly of him for this. Unfortunately civil courage is still rare.