Tell the Truth – and Shame the Devil!

This is my preface to the 2nd edition of the book Holocaust Revisionism: A Critical Scholarly-Historical Method (Holocaust-Revisionismus: Eine kritische geschichtswissenschaftliche Methode), which appeared in January 2016. It makes clear why revisionism is essential for the survival of Germany.

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Germany Croak!


Racism Kills! Germany Croak!


Everything Good Comes from above. Oppose the German Victimhood Myth.


Terror, Hatred and Demise for the German Fatherland. Germany Croak!


For more Forced Rapings of Ethnic Germans. For the extermination of purely German Genes!

Never again Germany! Against the Annexation of the GDR. Oppose German Nationalism.


“If the country [Germany] falls victim to a process of brutalization and the Holocaust fails to stand out as a tragic event, Germany’s moral obligation diminishes to give refuge to all asylum seekers within its borders.” (Deborah E. Lipstadt, Betrifft: Leugnen des Holocaust, Rio Verlag, Zürich 1994, p. 260; original English edition: Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory)

According to the Federal German Department for the Interior, Germany has a “historical and humanitarian obligation to accommodate refugees.” The historical obligation results from the politics of the Third Reich, which led to many people fleeing from its area of influence, and that those who could not escape were allegedly murdered by the million – during the so-called Holocaust…

Since the late 1960s, the German people has been experiencing a demographic collapse. The Politicians intentionally don’t do anything against this, because any measure needed to avert the ethnic demise allegedly reminds of the population politics implemented by the Third Reich. And why is that bad? Because of the Holocaust…

If the present trend continues, it will last only another three to four generations until the Germans have gone basically extinct.

Since 2015 millions of refugees have been coming to Germany with at times an openly admitted goal to take over, conquer, and re-populate the country.

The German people has no right to defend itself against this. It doesn’t have the right to self-determination, as it is granted to other peoples. The remaining Germans have to integrate themselves, have to abandon themselves, to abolish themselves. They owe this to the world for what they have done to the world with Ausch­witz.

They are only allowed to slave, to slog, to work hard in order to generate the taxes which the “German” State then throws at the masses flocking in from the Third World. The Germans are forced laborers in their own country. As soon as the Moors have done their duty, they are being collectively abolished. The German people is being extinguished, exterminated. And many Germans assist in that willingly. They are happy to do penance for Auschwitz this way: “Germany croak!

If no miracle happens (or no revolution), there will be no Germans around in 100 years. Yet in 100 years millions of Jews and their Zionist allies will still tell the gripping tale how the Germans have exterminated the Jews. But whoever looks more carefully will recognize that the truth is exactly the other way around.

So why Holocaust revisionism?

How many Jews have you killed?


If you are a German or Austrian, this excuse won’t help you a bit. You are collectively guilty, collectively responsible, collectively liable. You cannot get out from underneath this yoke! If you want to remain German and want Germany to remain German, then YOU are a Nazi, a potential future gas chamber guard!

If you are a Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Fin, Slovak, Croat, Slovene, Frenchmen, Italian, Spaniard, Belgian, Dutch, Swede, Norwegian, Dane…, then many of your ancestors have collaborated with the Nazis. Then you’re next! All Europeans! All European are in the same boat!

If an indigenous tribe in the jungle wants to remain an indigenous tribe and maintain its culture, that’s laudable. If the Turks want to remain Turkish, that’s quite alright. But a German? Nazi!!!!!!!!

Don’t delude yourself into believing that the Holocaust is none of your business – until the next Muslim migrant calls you a Nazi, insults you, harasses you, steal from you, robs you, rapes or kills you, and the mendacious media join the migrant and subsequently also brand and persecute everyone as a Nazi who protests against this.

“I wasn’t even born in 1945!
I don’t owe a rat’s fart!”

Well roared, lion!

But as long as the powers that be think differently about this, you are left out in the cold!

If there were national election next Sunday, recent polls show that some 85% of all voters would vote for those political parties that for the past 40 years, either by gross negligence or deliberately, have carried out a policy of abolishing Germany and extinguishing the German people: CDU-CSU-SPD-FDP-Linke-Grüne. Yet at the same time 90% of all Germany oppose the abolition of their people.

  • First question: how many Germans can think independently?
  • Second question: Does a people deserve to survive, if 85% of its members cannot think independently and logically?

I don’t think so!

So, either start thinking, or stop complaining if today they attack your son, rape your daughter tomorrow, then force you to accommodate a migrant in your home, and finally even take away your house in order to shelter even more migrants.

Democracy is a form of government where a people has the kind of government it has voted for.

So far the German people has voted over and over again for their own executioners. It is about time to abandon this suicidal habit!