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The Ball Report

John C. Ball’s The Ball Report, a 16 pp. summary of his research on air photo evidence for the Holocaust, plus the results of the chemical analysis of wall samples he took at Auschwitz, is difficult to find these days, so I’ve posted this brochure here.

The Holocaust as a Religion (audio)

The Holocaust, the new secular religion enforced the world over, serving as the sword and shield of Jews in general and Israel in particular. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

England’s Reasons For World War Two

Germans are guilty of everything, and foremost, of course, of the outbreak of World War Two, the mother of all wars. Today being the anniversary of the German surrender (actually, Germany’s armed forces surrendered on May 7, 1945), the German media will be full of the usual pathetic self-flagellation which any good “German” is in the habit of exhibiting on that day. “We were liberated!” Sure. This essay in my answer to that.

The Money Syndrome

The current financial system is the enemy of mankind. Worse still: it is the enemy of life on this planet. The reason: By definition it operates with positive interest rates only. As a result, the system is condemned to have steady growth, or else debt spirals out of control. But in a limited system, nothing can grow infinitely. Unchecked growth is cancerous, and creatures with cancer must die. So must this system.

The Heretics’ Hour: Interview by C. Yeager (audio)

Carolyn Yeager interviews me for two hours, asking me about Germany’s situation today, about National Socialism, Jewish power, free speech and its restrictions, and more.

[:en]From Revisionist to Terrorist[:de]Vom Revisionist zum Terrorist[:]

The authorities in Germany have started hunting revisionists with the lie that revisionists are actually right-wing extremist terrorists in disguise.

Don’t Talk to This Ill-Reputed Guy!

“Don’t talk to David Duke, because he used to be in the KKK and is a white supremacists! You’ll ruin your reputation!” – What reputation? Well, I don’t think this is about reputation. It is about free speech — speak with whom we want, when we want!

Democracy Equals Hypocrisy (audio)

In this interview with David Duke we discuss the lack of free speech in Western societies, and the subversion of democracy by the Powers That Be. (1 hour)

Wissenschaft und ethische Verantwortung (in German)

Je umstrittener ein Forschungsthema in der Gesellschaft ist, um so mehr sieht sich der Wissenschaftler im Spannungsfeld von wissenschaftlicher Ethik seiner Faches und politischer Erwartungshaltung seiner Umwelt. Wonach soll sich der Wissenschaftler richten? Hier sind meine Gedanken dazu – aus dem Jahre 1994, als ich selber mit meiner ethischen Verantwortung kämpfte.

When Speech Is Free, But Speakers Are in Prison (audio)

My first appearance at David Duke’s radio show is dedicated to free speech and its violation by Germany. David also has me retell my personal story of persecution (again…) (1 hour)