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Professor Hot-Air-Nozzle

How does an established German university professor justify the establishment’s complete refusal to enter into discussion with revisionists, when he ought to defend the ideals of the enlightenment, that is to say, a doubting and critical attitude? Prof. Eßbach of Freiburg university demonstrates it: you distort the facts, lie about the opponent, et voilà, you have a compelling reason…

“Widerstand ist Pflicht” online

Mein jünstes Buch Widerstand ist Pflicht ist endlich auch als PDF-Datei zum freien Herunterladen einsehbar. Weite Verbreitung ist erwünscht!

Völkermord oder Gummimord?

War die NS-Judenverfolgung Völkermord nach heutiger Definition? Einer meiner Leser meint: der Gesetzestext ist so dehnbar, dass er paradox oder gar sinnlos erscheint.

A Chat with Deanna Spingola (audio)

Scheduled to be a discussion of air photo evidence on the so-called Holocaust, Deanna Spingola had me talk about my own history of persecution first, the German legal framework of it next, then about the real reasons for the two world wars, and finally we actually got to talk a little about air photo evidence about Auschwitz.

On Spreading Hate

“Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf spreads hate from Pennsylvania” – that’s what Aryeh Tuchman claims, without indicating what of my writings constitutes hate. Here I argue that “common parlance,” used by Tuchman as an excuse for his inaccuracies, that is: parroting what “the others” are saying, is one of the main causes of the persecution of minorities and dissidents.

Air Photo Evidence

John C. Ball’s seminal Air Photo Evidence (1992) struck a fatal blow to the orthodox Holocaust narrative by publishing and expertly analyzing numerous photos taken by Allied and German reconnaissance airplanes during the war over sites of alleged Nazi mass murders. Due to its massive size, it has never been posted online. Finally, here it is…

Truth Is Relative

Elie Wiesel once wrote that stories he had written “were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end.” “Some events do take place but are not true; other are – although they never occurred,” he wrote in his defense. A truly mind-boggling interpretation of the term “truth.”

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 2 (audio)

The current financial system, being at the verge of collapse, needs redesigning. In this radio show Germar Rudolf and David Duke discuss a few options to achieve this (60 min).

Ultimate Pyramid Scheme, Part 1 (audio)

The current financial system is the perfect rip-off system to constantly redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

The U.S. Education Disaster (audio)

School and college/university education in the U.S. are a disaster, making the U.S. depend on the import of foreign academics on an unprecedented scale. Germar Rudolf discusses this with David Duke in this podcast (60 min).

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